Child friendly restaurant

"Mmm, that's tasty!" - our extensive children's menu brightens the eyes of little guests. Parents often choose our restaurant not only tasty dishes for all ages, but also interesting events. We serve children in such a way that they do not get bored and that mom and dad can sit down and enjoy the peace. Are you looking for a place in Krakow where to organize your child's birthday? The American Well Done Restaurant will be a good idea.



In the restaurant we have a children's corner where you can find many educational games, we also have coloring books and the best fairy tales from the "Looney Melodies" series :)

With us, kids will not be bored!


Healthy food for kids


Food that tastes good and is good for kids? It can be a headache at times for parents, but for our restaurant chef, it's a piece of cake. By working with a dietitian, he is able to prepare a tasty menu that not only satisfies their taste buds, but is also healthy and balanced. It tastes even better when eaten in company. We encourage you to take your friends with you. Our employees will try to prepare something interesting for the whole group. We can transform an ordinary dinner into an amazing adventure. All hungry children are welcome at any time of the day. Well done in Krakow, she loves to have full and happy guests, including the youngest ones.